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Whenever my friend Hans Finzel writes or speaks about leadership, he has my full attention. His insights are compelling because they are grounded in truth, tested by experience, and on full display in and through his life and ministry.

-Dr. Crawford W. Loritts, Jr., Author, speaker, radio host, and senior pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA

I would highly recommend Hans to serve as your leader, coach or teacher. He connects with his audience and makes sure they learn.? So many just lecture, but Hans doesn’t stop until the principles have been learned.? He understands that the greatest leadership principles of all time are right in God’s Word.? You will take proven principles and apply them to climb to new heights as a leader. Hans is THE MAN when it comes to leadership. The principles of Moses as a leader are incredible…you’ve got to pick up a copy of The Top Ten Leadership Commandments!
Curt Beavers
Business Leader
Atlanta Georgia

Hans Finzel has had the habit of cheering me on in my journey as a developing leader. He always takes the time as one of our trustees to encourage me and affirm my efforts at leadership. Every book he publishes adds to his deposits in my life. The Top Ten Leadership Commandments transparently articulates lessons learned in the crucible of laying your life down in the service of others. Reading the book not only made Moses come alive but added fuel to my heart?s fire to serve as an effective leader of God?s people.
Dr. Bill Jones
President of Columbia International University

This is just a quick note to say thank you for your recent ministry here at First Baptist of Wheaton.?? Missions is an important priority for a church and the call to missions needs to be made with power and clarity.?? All I want to say is that I was not disappointed.? In fact, your presentation was above and beyond my expectations.? I was delighted to see the personal way you engaged our congregation, even though our morning worship settings are vastly different.? You were able to connect with those who prefer our traditional service format as well as with those who celebrate via a contemporary style.? Your pace, your vocabulary and even your body language adjusted to each setting.

I was also pleased with the content you delivered.? At no time did you ever ?dumb-down? the message because the congregation appeared on the younger side of the age spectrum.? You taught deeply and fully from the Word of God.? However, you made it easy to understand and helped us with the practical applications of the text.
Pastor Mike Rowe
Wheaton, IL

I am so glad to recommend Dr. Hans Finzel. I love this guy. He is the real deal, and has been since we were in graduate school together a long time ago. Here?s a remarkable man?a man who gets it right when it comes to loving people and using things, building up the people around him instead of advancing his own agenda and reputation. That?s the kind of person?man or woman?we all want to follow. And that?s the kind of leader Hans has been for over forty years. I love the fact that he is my friend, and that I can recommend him to anyone or any organization looking for ways to get better, stronger, wiser and more authentic. One more thing: his wife is crazy about him. That should be enough.
David Beavers
Entrepreneur, business coach and mentor.
Author of the novel, Letters to Jonathan.

I wanted to take a few moments to tell you that I have enjoyed reading your book, The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make.? Your book gives great examples of what leaders should and should not do to remain or become effective leaders.? I am working on obtaining my Bachelor?s Degree from Liberty University and have had the opportunity to read your book in the ?Leadership and Management of the Local Church? class.? Though some may not like the Bible references, I believe that this book could change our leadership in the United States, to something that I remember hearing my elders talk about.? I truly appreciate your insights, as it seems that you remember the days that you were being managed, though you lead.? It is an awesome testimony of to your character.? I am glad that I have had the chance to get to know you through your book and wish you and your family the best throughout your lives.? ?In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you? (1 Thessalonians 5:18, NKJV).? Thank you!
Rex Howard

Thanks, Hans! It was great to have you and Donna at First Bible. One of the comments I’ve heard is that your talks were so POSITIVE. You shared the needs of China (and the world) but you also shared the good things that are happening in missions today. People were encouraged to hear of so many believers in China.

Lyn Cook
First Bible Church
Decatur, Alabama

From a drowning pastor:

I just wanted to say thank you for your leadership books. I’m currently reading thru your 10 Commandments of Leadership book –
received it right as I began a personal study thru Exodus (good timing!) and am in the midst of a bunch of leadership troubles and struggles (as a Sr. pastor trying to transition an Illinois church to a multi-site structure while moving the culture to a post-baby boomer world).

Two summers ago I read your 10 Mistakes book while vacationing at my in-laws (Colorado – Coal Creek Canyon) right at a time of real leadership troubles on the church staff I lead – most of the troubles due to my own poor decisions. I was a mess and composing resignation letters etc when I found your Mistakes book in a Boulder Good Will store – sorry I didn’t pay full price and Lord knows it deserved better treatment than being sold second hand!? That book was a lifeline to a drowning guy! A lot of the concepts weren’t necessarily new but you write in a style that speaks to me and connects. It played a major role in stabilizing me and helping me muddle thru that season.

So I was happy to find your 10 Commandments book and am finding again fresh infusion of encouragement, a fresh sense of “this guys gets it” – I read a lot of leadership books, go to the conferences like Willow’s Summit, and really appreciate all the insights, etc. But it seems your style and approach plus the timing in which I’ve come across your books has a sense of God’s direction and purpose in it. So, again, thank you for writing. My church wont know it, but you’ve had a hand in forming and strengthening them as you’ve helped me.
Bob – a grateful reader from Illinois


Hans spent a week with us in Istanbul, Turkey teaching and training our leaders from our works in Europe, Asia, and Africa. ?With about 60 leaders and 20 countries represented this conference was a significant milestone in building a more cooperative relationship across our international organization. ?Hans? credibility as a well-known author and leader of World Venture proved to be the catalyst we needed to bring such a diverse group of our leaders together. ?His teaching was challenging and a highlight for many that attended the conference. ?His personal style and willingness to engage with our people directly over meals and informal times just added to the impact of the principles he taught in his plenary sessions. ?I would highly recommend Hans to any organization interested in developing and instilling solid servant leadership principles into the culture of their organizations.

-Tim Strauss – Eurasia Regional Director, Mission Aviation Fellowship


Hans Finzel?s book, ?The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make? is part of a regular required reading for the leadership training we have. ?Whether emerging leaders or one?s seasoned, the points are very relevant for today?s leader. ?I recommend Hans? personalized webinar alongside the reading, it was noted as highlight by participants in the year leadership training course.

Dave Hoffman – Missional Training, Operation Mobilization USA



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