Tower Garden Giveaway – Team One4Freedom

Hi Team, we are SO EXCITED for our Tower Garden Giveaway! ?Entries for your new customer orders will start April 1st, and go through May 1st. ?The more entries you have, the greater the chance YOU will win!

Everyone on our Team One4Freedom have a chance to be a part of this Tower Garden Giveaway, and depending on how many people join us, we may also be able to award $100 to the Team member who places the most orders of Juice Plus+ and Tower Garden products!

So, please make sure that you enter your payment, depending on your position in our Marketing plan. ?Send your payment today! ?Payments at the cost below will be accepted tonight, March 8th through Friday, March 24th, 2017. If your payment is not received by 3/24/17, ?the cost goes ?up by $10 for each level. ?LET’S GO FOR IT, and GROW!!

Levels of Payment

$20 Virtual Franchisee or below

$25 Sales Coordinator

$30 Senior Sale Coordinator

$35 QNMD or NMD

If you prefer to send a check, send it payable to Donna Finzel to this address:

9457 S University #712
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126-4976

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