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“Leaders make things happen.? History is the story of leaders that have changed to world. My passion is to help good leaders become great leaders. ?I want to see people become the kind of leaders that people want to follow.”

Speaking at Leadership Conference in Thiland

?Hans?Finzel has been speaking before audiences large and small for over thirty years.??He has trained on five continents and?his audiences vary from business leaders to church leaders to mission events.??He has spoken to groups ranging in the thousands down to a handful of leaders gathered for retreats.

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His talks are filled with humor and?Hans?is known for putting the cookies on the lower shelf.??”I speak??on leadership not from the classroom of academic theory but from the crucible of the leadership trenches”.?? Having lead people for my whole career, I know the issues and what works and what doesn’t.

Some typical venues that?Hans?has spoken:

  • Leadership Retreats
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Conventions
  • Break out sessions
  • Seminars
  • Prayer breakfasts
  • Men’s retreats
  • Board retreats
  • Churches services
  • CHurch mission conferences
  • College and graduate school classes
  • College classrooms
  • College chapels
Hans’ Speaking Topics Include:
Hans?likes to tailor his talks to the audience and the situation.??His desire is to find a need and speak to it.??Here are some of his popular talks:
  • How to be the kind of leader that people will follow
  • Reluctant Leaders make the best leaders
  • A series of messages on leadership from his popular books
  • Managing Change: Getting people from point A to point B without losing your job
  • The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make
  • Leading like Moses
  • God’s passion for His planet (Missional message)
  • Think China ? The opportunity for ministry
  • The Global Church is on the Move
  • Engaging the emerging generations


She has a deep passion for the teaching the Word of God and for prayer.??Her father, Mark Bubeck, the author of many books on spiritual warfare (The Adversary, Raising Lambs among Wolves) instilled in her a deep commitment to Biblical prayer.
Donna Finzel is a National Marketing Director with NSA, Memphis, Tennessee, a wellness and nutrition company.??She leads a thriving team of Juice Plus+ of over 400 distributors in the U.S.She has been with the company for 11 years. Donna?s passion is educating people about health and wellness.
Donna and?Hans?co-authored,??The Top Ten Ways to Love Your Wife?(David C. Cook).
Some typical venues that Donna speaks:
  • Women’s retreats
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Prayer summits
  • Business luncheons
  • Networking meetings
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Conventions
  • Break out sessions
  • Seminars
  • Prayer breakfasts
  • College classrooms
  • College chapels
Donna’s speaking topics
Donna is also passionate about tailoring her talks to the audience and the situation. ? ?Here are some of the topics that are her passion:
  • Effective prayer
  • Raising lambs among wolves
  • A godly heritage
  • The beauty of an enduring father-daughter relationship
  • Spiritual warfare
  • A marriage that lasts the test of time
  • Spending special time alone with God
  • How to lead a home business

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