Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision:
Helping church and ministry leaders take their leadership to the next level

Our Mission:IMG_2339
To mentor church and ministry leaders globally with skills and resources that will strengthen their leadership and increase the expansion of the Church.

We believe our Lord?s church is the hope of the world. The church is only as strong as its leaders.? As we strengthen the leadership team, the church and its impact are in turn, expanded.

This is what we call a “direct to leader” ministry. ? HDLeaders is a ministry devoted to increasing the leadership effectiveness and maturity of church and ministry leaders worldwide.? Using our thirty years of experience in leadership, we intend to pour our future into mentoring key church and ministry leaders all around the world.

The Church on the move is only as strong as it leaders!

We are following two global trends in Christianity that came out of the Capetown Lausanne Summit global church gathering in 2010:

“The introduction of a new century of global partnership.”
“Connecting and empowering a new generation of younger leaders.”

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