What We Do

We are Hans and Donna:HD. We love helping leaders like you be High Definition and Heavy Duty leaders in the tough world out there.? We have learned a lot that we love to share with others.

We are a direct-to-leader ministry. Our heart is to help leaders personally in their journey.? Weather you are male or female, young and new at it, or seasoned and worn out, we would love to walk with you in your journey.

Check out our other website where we have a lot more information and resources:? www.hansfinzel.com

Check out HansFInzel.com for a lot more information

Check out HansFInzel.com for a lot more information

HDLeaders is committed to increasing the leadership effectiveness of church and ministry leaders.? Using our thirty years of experience in leadership, we are pouring our future into mentoring key church and ministry leaders around the world.

We believe the church is the hope of the world. The church is only as strong as its leaders.? As we strengthen the leadership team, the church and its impact are in turn, expanded.

Speaking at leadership Events

Coaching Leadership Teams

Mentoring Leaders one-on-one

Conference Speaking

Training Workshops

Leadership Consulting


?If there is one constant today it is change.? We all have to become experts in leading change initiatives.?

In our ministries today we have to navigate the complex world of change among our donors, our churches, our constituents and our staff.? Hear fresh insight from Dr. Finzel on how he has led WorldVenture through radical change over the last two decades yet preserved the core values of the organization.

Specific areas of our expertise:

  1. Leadership Inspiration
  2. Vision Assessment and Development
  3. Managing change initiatives
  4. Ministry effectiveness assessment
  5. Leadership Transition and Succession Planning
  6. Organizing and staffing a high performance leadership team
  7. Working with non-profit boards and church boards
  8. Name Change Consulting and Major Change Initiative Management
  9. One on One Executive Leadership Mentoring and Coaching



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